Sculpture Environment Art Sdn. Bhd.

From ancient cities to modern day playlands, we sculpt & build your desired moodscape to produce the exact ambience that enhances the experience of visiting patrons.

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Who are we

Sculpture Environment Art Sdn. Bhd.’s team of creative professionals are dedicated in maintaining S.E.A.’s reputation as an innovative leader in this field. Its numerous themed works stretch beyond conventional concept and design

We Are

Theme Design & Build Specialist

In Scupture  & Environment Art

Our Service

We specialise in:
• Parks – Waterparks and Theme Parks
• Creative Ventures – Signature Homes, Commercial Theming and Sculpture
S.E.A. is the ideal go-to company that passionately combines experience, knowledge and skill to create a total solution for every client…

Commercial Theming

S.E.A. offers commercial theming as a fantastic way to attract new clientele to any business. Designing an attractive themed environment creates a higher-value...

Hardscape / Landscape

Beyond basic hardscaping such as a brick walkway, stone wall, or wooden fence, S.E.A. designs and builds for larger-scaled projects to encompass all non-living ...

Cement Carving & Sculptures

We are your perfect creative partner for themed sculpture design and 3D art - which are vital in modern day space designs. Strategic placements of outstanding sculpted pieces instantly...

Artificial Rock Work

S.E.A.'s artificial rockwork has provided the main theming element for a majority of wet and dry theme parks over the years. Our highly experienced artists ...